A Mother & Son Team That Will Blow You Away

About Our Team

With a combined 27 years in the home service industry, this humble mother & son duo will provide you with superior customer service and impeccable quality. Our family, of six, moved to Middle TN in 2013. Thanks to the wonderful community we felt at home very quickly. Like mother like son, both Jonathan & Elrina are lifetime entrepreneurs.


Jonathan flew out of the nest at the age of 18. He has owned and operated several businesses. Among them he was able to turn his favorite hobby, photography, into a solid small business. Originally hailing from South Florida, Jonathan currently resides in Nashville Tennessee with his girlfriend and their three dogs. Jonathan’s greatest ambition is to raise a happy, healthy family.

Elrina's greatest achievement in life has been raising four incredible human beings. Along with several years in the pressure washing industry, Elrina‘s resume includes owning and operating a painting company, pool maintenance company and a financial service business. For 15 years she was a hands-on GC for her construction company. Elrina looks fondly back to her start as an entrepreneur, at the age of 11.