Frequently Asked Questions
How does regular pressure cleaning protect & prolong my investment?

 Pressure Cleaning Prevents Damage.

 Regular Cleaning Saves Money.

 Pressure Cleaning Restores Surfaces.

 Protects Your Family's Health Against Mold.

 Pro Cleaning Saves Time.

 Restores Curb Appeal Instantly.

 Increase Property Value for You & Neighbors!

Can pressure cleaning cause damage to my Property?

Yes & no. With the wrong equipment (which changes depending on the job) it is VERY EASY to cause damage to your roof, siding of all kinds, & even your driveway. Our trained team knows exactly how to handle every situation so you don't have to!

How long does it take?

You can expect each service to take 1.5hrs - 3.5+hrs depending on the size and complex of the job.

Are you licensed & insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed & insured to complete every job we are on!

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