Should You Pressure Clean Your Home?

In this post we're going to tell you exactly why you should, in fact, pressure wash your house, and why it might be worth paying the professionals.

What's Wrong With The Green Look?

Green markings, or stains on siding is commonly the result of mold, mildew, algae or moss. When your homes' siding begins to turn green, it diminishes the exterior appearance of the home. Fortunately, siding can be cleaned to remove not only green stains, but other dirt and grime that may be taking over your homes' exterior. Mold can cause real structural damage to your home. It not only affects your siding, but can grow on shingles, wood decking/fencing & even concrete.

Can I DIY Pressure Wash My House?

In short, yes, you can indeed clean your house on your own. Should you? Now, that's a different question. With out the proper equipment it is VERY easy to damage the siding on your home whether it be vinyl, brick, stucco, stone, or wood. Even if you do have the proper equipment, you should consider hiring your local pro. Professional companies have access to better equipment, & supplies leaving you with a perfect shine! It would be wise to make sure your local pro has the proper insurance & licensing before hiring them. If not, you could be left with a mess & empty pockets should you accidentally hire the wrong person!

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